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"No woman needs more than one pair of shoes, but when it comes to shoes and women, the word 'need' doesn't make any sense".

Alicia Muñiz - Shoe collector, designer, and founder of Comme il Faut, the house that changed
the design concept of women's shoes for tango and Buenos Aires nightlife.

If everyone looked the same… dressed the same… thought the same… imagine how boring life would be! The mission of JuliaBella is to offer hand-made, exclusive designs of the highest quality, to the discerning customer who likes to step out of the background. In a world of anonymous mega-stores, we put your individuality first by bringing you the most beautiful, unique fashion products from all around the world.
Your taste deserves no less.

Tango Shoe Collections


The mysterious, fabulous, and super sexy Comme il Faut tango heels, as well as gorgeous heels from DNI and debailar, all directly from Buenos Aires, are now available in the Washington DC, New York City, and San Francisco areas through JuliaBella.
Come check out our amazing collections.

Comme it Faut
DNI Tango

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